Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's already been 3 months?!

Yes, that's right. Our precious baby girl is turning the corner to 3 months old! My how time has just flown by! She's our little slice of heaven here on earth and it always amazes me just how much you can really love someone that you never even met personally until they are out... of the womb. Here's some pictures and some recap of what we've been up to, lately...

Since Trinity was born we have had lots of visitors...

Before we left the hospital, we had to stop and say hello to our hero's....

Dr. Remedios
Nurse Leslie

After leaving the hospital we got settled in at home and started snuggling with some more of our favorite people...

Then we had our "first bath"

Then we met some new friends....

We had our first Christmas at home, with our Pink Christmas Tree!

Trinity got even cuter, if that was even possible!

Then, Trinity was dedicated to Christ!

Then, mommy got a new camera and took some awesome pictures of the most beautiful girl in the world!

Then, Trinity learned to smile all the time...

Trinity learned to put toys in her mouth, an important milestone!

Trinity had her first swim lesson,

Got some Auntie kisses

Celebrated Jenny's Birthday

Met her Great, Great Grandmother

Played outside...

and got some sun!

All in all, it's been a great 3 months, Trinity is growing and thriving, we couldn't be happier and excited to share more great moments with you all soon!

Thanks for checking in!

Katie, Steve and Trinity

Thursday, December 16, 2010

She's Here!

I can't believe I'm telling you this...Trinity Elizabeth Sherman has arrived!

But first, let me share with you a pic of mommy and baby before we headed out to the hospital...

(As you can tell, there was no more room in there for Miss Trinity or mama to carry her )
Let me just tell you, our new baby girl is just adorable, coming in at 7lbs and 2 oz, 19 inches long. She wasn't easy to get out... but all worth the wait, weight and swollen feet!

Here's Trinity's Story...

Monday night before our midnight check in, Steve and I went to eat our last meal out "alone."  We decided to eat at Carrabba's for some tasty steak and pasta, ie: (protein and carbs) for mama =)

After dinner we headed home to make last minute arrangements and to finish packing our bags and then we were off for the hospital. (Dallas Presby)

The car ride seemed like forever, as I was really nervous about all the pain I would go through very soon and how I was going to do it all on purpose (making my body go into labor with pitocin) I was, anxious, excited and just... all the above!

We checked into our Labor and Delivery room and I got set up on all sorts of machines and such to monitor baby and got some mild drugs to help get things moving along.

Steve was a little worried about "his sleeping" arrangements because there was only one tiny couch that he could maybe fit part of his body on, but our super sweet nurse brought in a cot for him to get comfy on and we decided to get some "sleep" before things really got moving in the morning.

Well, of course I didn't sleep much. I was so nervous and starting to have contractions at this point and just very scared to be honest.  I wasn't sure I had what it took to "have this baby."

In the morning, my mom and my best friend arrived at the hospital and things got under way very quickly.  It was around 9:45am that I received the "pitocin" to help the labor along (and more painfully, I might add) wasn't long before I was having intense contractions and I knew there was "no turning back."

The labor was hard and the contractions literally, took my breath away.  This was the pain I was worried about and it was UPON me!!!  The nurse gave me some "funny" drugs to help take the edge off but those really just made me so fuzzy that I barely remember much.  I had to depend on Steve, Larissa and my mom for the "details." 

After 3 cm dilated, I begged for my epidural which didn't come till I was 5cm and let me tell you, the epidural is the greatest invention ever!

I went right to sleep after the epidural and that's when things progressed, quickly!  It was hardly even 5:30 when it was time to start pushing and after only an hour, with some hard work (wink, wink) I was ready to deliver my baby girl...except one thing was missing... OH YEAH, MY DOCTOR! 
My doctor was "on call" and around the hospital but she took almost too long to get to me and my baby's head was ready to come out!  I literally screamed for my doctor and like superwoman she ran in, threw off her coat and caught my baby!

That's it! We had our baby girl at 6:40pm Tuesday, December 7, 2010. She was just precious to hold and came with lots of hair!

On our way home...

Sweet Stork sign we have in our front yard...

First Bath time!

Sweet, sleepy face =)

So for now we are relaxing at home and getting used to each other as "mommy" and "baby,"  So far only a week old, I can tell you that Trinity is a very sweet baby girl, she doesn't fuss much or too often unless she wants something =)

We are trying to be on a schedule as much as possible, because I think it's important to start good practices right away but, "Newborns" don't really follow a schedule.  Right now we eat, sleep and poop and of course get lots of mommy and daddy kisses!

We will keep you updated on all of our visitors in our next post, thanks for checking in =)

Hugs to all, Katie, Steve and Trinity

Sunday, December 5, 2010

9 Months and 2 days to go..... =)

Hi Everyone!

It's with much anticipation that I share with you the news that we are going to see our Baby Girl very soon!  Her due date has been moved to December 7, 2010. That's two weeks early, but she's healthy enough now that she can be delivered without any complications.  Hopefully she won't have to stay in the NICU and will be just fine.

The Dr. wasn't happy with all of my swollen feet, ankles, legs, knees, hands and face...and my blood pressure was on the rise, so she wanted to go ahead and deliver early to keep me safe and the baby safe as well.

I had planned on taking two weeks off from work before she arrived, so of course to get the news that she would be here early and in only 5 days (from when we found out) I was STRESSING! But, all is well in the world since Larissa and Steve put the finishing touches on the Baby's room and we kicked everything into high gear to get ready for our daughter's arrival.

So, here it is.. some pics of her room.  The lighting wasn't very good when I took these pics so be patient with me and I'll get some new ones put up before we leave to go to the hospital Monday night. (Big Baby Bump in tow)

We're so excited to have shared this online documentation with you all and we're thankful for your hugs, prayers and love all this time.

Katie and Peanut =)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

8 Months and Counting :)

Wow. 8 months.

It's been quite a journey...and it's almost, almost...over. In some ways, I will be sad to no longer be pregnant and feel this sweet baby girl moving inside of my tummy... but, in many other ways, I will rejoice!

I'm so looking forward to seeing her face for the first time, and seeing Steve hold her, how she will react to us, how her family will just surround her with their love... I know it will all be very heart touching.

In other ways, I will not miss the: heartburn, tired, achy, back and feet. Swollen toes and hands, 25+ trips to the bathroom at night, not sleeping, and the weight gain???

I mean, it's all worth it, but at the end... you just get really... tired.

So for now, that's about it with me, I'm tired and the all the symptoms of being pregnant are definitely catching up to me, and of course I'm still working and going to school so the need to slow down soon is upon me. I'm now going to the doctor every week to monitor my blood pressure and my swelling because it is so bad some times that I can't even move my toes!  As long as she is healthy and I'm doing good, we're on for: December 20, 2010!

Of course there are many... that think she is coming early but only one person can decide this fate and that's Baby Girl!

Some really beautiful and sweet things have happened since my last post. Baby Girl had (2) showers and  she got so many adorable things!

And so many sweet friends came to celebrate...

Baby Girl and I feel so blessed and so overcome with love from our friends and family...

I wish I could post all the pics from the fun events but then you would be reading this blog for hours!!! But, if you must, you can look at them here:

We also had a video that we showed and you can view it here:

We are so thankful to have caught so many memories on film by our dear friend, Debbie Reininger.

Overall, we are just getting ready for the final countdown in the Sherman house, we are getting all of her new little clothes washed and her room tidy.  We've started to talk to Beethoven about his "little sister" and we're all getting very, very excited!

Only 7 weeks left... if I make it that long.

Please pray for strength, health and courage in the final weeks for Trinity and Mommy :)

Love to all, always,
Katie and "Peanut"

Monday, September 20, 2010

Turning the corner to... 7 months!

Seven months next week will be my current baby growth so I thought I would keep you updated on all of that good stuff bloggies!

We've been busy as bees around here getting ready for Baby Girl. We have cleaned out all closets and given much away to Salvation Army.  We are making room in our house and our hearts for this new blessing that is making her presence known more and more everyday!

Now she looks like she is jumping rope in my tummy or doing exercises, I don't know but it's darn cute!  Steve is beginning to feel the kicks more and more now. She used to be so "daddy shy" and wouldn't ever kick for him, but now days... She is in full effect!

We are so excited to get her room together and we are now just waiting on furniture to arrive and custom made curtains to be sewn, all is coming together very nicely. We are still wanting to purchase a changing table and some more storage organizational supplies from the Container Store but for the most part that's all... for now.

We will of course decide on what else we need after Baby Girl gets super spoiled I'm sure at all of her showers.

Recently we had some "Maternity Photos" taken by a sweet friend of ours, Debbie.  She is going to watch Baby Girl for us when I go back to work and I couldn't think of anyone better, she's a real gem. :)

So, to keep you updated on the tummy, here are some pics from this weekend for you to enjoy!

Hugs and Love,

Katie and Peanut :)

Me and peanut :)

Me, Steve and Baby Girl's Godparents: Jenny and Larissa

A super fun black and white photo

Love this one!